Kiwi Glazing Gel


  1. Exotic Brilliance: Elevate your dishes with the mesmerizing vibrancy of Fruitleys’ Kiwi Glazing Gel, a burst of exotic allure.
  2. Tropical Fusion: Immerse your creations in the captivating essence of sun-kissed kiwi fruit, a delightful marriage of tartness and sweetness.
  3. Glossy Artistry: Crafted with precision, our glazing gel transforms your culinary canvas into a masterpiece, adding a dazzling sheen that draws eyes and appetites alike.
  4. Versatile Magic: From pastries to desserts, Fruitleys’ Kiwi Glazing Gel lends its versatile charm, allowing you to experiment and delight in countless ways.
  5. True-to-Life Flavor: Each application infuses your dishes with the authentic taste of real kiwi, a touch of nature’s brilliance in every bite.
  6. Culinary Imagination: Unleash your creativity as you harness the power of Fruitleys’ Kiwi Glazing Gel, turning ordinary recipes into extraordinary works of art.
  7. Fruitleys Elegance: Elevate your culinary creations with the enchanting touch of kiwi essence, and let Fruitleys’ commitment to excellence shine through in every dish.

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Crafted with precision, Fruitleys’ Kiwi Glazing Gel is your secret weapon for transforming ordinary recipes into extraordinary delights. Brush it onto pastries, drizzle it over desserts, or use it to seal in flavors – its versatility knows no bounds. With each application, you’re infusing your creations with the true-to-life taste and dazzling sheen that only Fruitleys can deliver.Awaken your taste buds and awaken your culinary genius with Fruitleys’ Kiwi Glazing Gel. Experience the fusion of flavor and artistry that will turn every dish into a masterpiece, bearing the mark of Fruitleys’ commitment to excellence. Elevate your creations with the enchanting touch of real kiwi essence, and let your culinary imagination run wild.


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Yes, all Fruitley products are made from real, high-quality fruits

Absolutely, Fruitley syrups can be used to flavor a variety of beverages like mocktails, sodas, and shakes.

After opening, refrigerate Fruitley products to maintain their freshness and flavor

Yes, Fruitley products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Yes, Fruitley jams and syrups are gluten-free

No, Fruitley products are free from added preservatives

Yes, Fruitleys glazing gel can be used as a glaze for pastries, cakes, and desserts